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Who we are
Residents for Chesham is a group of independently-minded local people who share a common belief that national party politics has not served Chesham's Local Government well.  The evidence for that can be seen in the way in which our councillors voted through a Local Plan that was riven through with inaccuracies, omissions and obscure proposals.  The proposed sacrifice of Green Belt to housing development rather than exhaustively looking for alternative brown field sites is just one example of how you, the people of Chesham, have been ignored and short-changed.

Some of our councillors see Local Government at town and county level as just a stepping stone on their political career path to Westminster.

Residents for Chesham will be fielding independent candidates at the local elections on May 7th.  We welcome more to join our campaign as independent candidates, or simply to help the campaign with volunteer work - leaflet distribution, spreading the word.  

We would also encourage national party councillors to abandon their party diktats, join with us and stand as truly independent representatives of the town and its residents without taking orders from Party HQ.
Our Mission
Our mission is simply this: to have Chesham Town Council governed by local people, for local people without interference or influence by any national political party.
Look out for us
Independent Residents for Chesham candidates do not have the benefit of national political party funding. We need your help to get the message out  there.  Whenever you come across one of our leaflets, please read it and ask those you meet if they have seen it or heard about Residents for Chesham.  

The number of votes it takes to elect a councillor is remarkably small.  Your vote really counts.  If you are disenchanted with party politics and politicians and just want your town to be better governed and your LOCAL needs listened to and acted upon, then look for Residents for Chesham on the ballot paper next May.

We need your help!
You can either stand with us as an independent candidate for Chesham Town Council or help behind the scenes.

We need volunteers to distribute our leaflets, yur help would be much appreciated!

Contact us using the Contact page.
Residents 4 Chesham is a group of independents not connected to any political party
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