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Black Swan Event

Published by Mike Shea in Planning · 25 March 2020
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A few hundred years ago everyone knew one immutable fact about swans.  They were white, everywhere in the known world.  Then Captain Cook discovered Australia...

We make plans based largely on what has happened in the past and then, in the case of Local Plans, with the application of various arcane formulae a future is mapped out.  Local elections were planned to be held as in the normal run of things, but the COVID-19 black swan kicked them back a year.  The hearings on the Local Plan were due to be held so that the monstrosity could be consigned to the dustbin of history, but the black swan pushed them back a year as well.

However, that doesn't mean that nothing is happening for the next twelve months. The possibility of three new motorway service stations on the M25 close to Chesham, two of which are within the bounds of the Unitary Authority area, has come to light and getting some focus amongst interested groups. Brown Not Green are sending in a formal complaint about the way the Lye Green Asset of Community Value decision was so archly overturned.  Residents for Chesham see the deferment of elections as a great opportunity to grow in numbers so that we can field a strong number of candidates when the elections actually happen.

In the meantime we must do what we can without congregating and as much as possible using remote communication methods.  Importantly, please be aware of anyone who is self-isolating and who may need simple but important support.  If you are able and willing and think someone may be self-isolating, wash your hands and write a note to drop through their door offering to help.  Give your name, where you live locally, your phone number and what you could help them with, e.g. picking up shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call, urgent supplies, and finish by saying ‘Just call me, I’ll do my best to help (for free).  Shopping will be left at your door.’

Look after yourselves.

Residents 4 Chesham is a group of independents not connected to any political party
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