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Local elections deferred

Published by Mike Shea in Politics · 14 March 2020
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Quite why the local elections should have been deferred for a whole year is unclear to me.  We are told that the effects of Covid-19 will have cleared up by the summer, if our health experts are to be believed.  There is a risk of a second peak in the winter which the strategists are seeking to head off, but it doesn't seem credible to spend 12 months in health purdah.  We shall just have to do our best, be sensible, wash hands thoroughly and regularly and avoid prolonged close proximity contact.  

But let's not make that an avoidance of looking after elderly relatives or neighbours. Keep an eye open for any signs that older people are behaving differently, not appearing so often.  Be ready to offer to do some shopping for them if they can't get out themselves, in short be a good Chesham resident.  The epidemic could be a great opportunity for us all to strengthen our community spirit, a silver lining.

Another silver lining is that it gives Residents for Chesham more time to become established, to grow follower numbers and to add to the number of candidates for town and unitary authority elections before the elections in 2021.

Residents 4 Chesham is a group of independents not connected to any political party
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