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Tempus Fugit

Published by Mike Shea in Politics · 8 March 2020
Tags: Dates
Our chance to start the process of removing national party politics from our local government starts on polling day, May 7th.  But there is an earlier, very important deadline. Nomination papers for those of us who wish to stand as independent councillors have to be delivered by hand no later than 1600 on April 8th.  This isn't long to find volunteers with the best interests of Chesham at heart, people who do not see being a Town Councillor as merely the first step on their political career path.

There may be councillors who are affiliated with a mainstream party simply because there was no other option by which to serve the community.  Now there is.  We welcome candidates who are prepared to put their national party membership aside and stand with us as independents.  You don't have to be a Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Green to know what's best for Chesham, you just have to have some common sense and a conscience.

From what I hear, being a Town Councillor is not an onerous duty, but it is a very important one.  Please consider standing, failing that lend us your support.  Vote Residents for Chesham!  And remember, time is running out and it really is time for change.

Residents 4 Chesham is a group of independents not connected to any political party
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